How to Easily Share Your Lightroom Photos with Others

As the world becomes more digitally advanced, we often find ourselves capturing and sharing photos directly from our smartphones. Lightroom photos has taken the internet by super storm, with social media platforms dedicated to capturing memories and sharing them with friends and family. However, with the vast amounts of pictures we store on our phones, it’s easy to get lost in the clutter. Enter Adobe’s Lightroom Mobile. It is an editing app allowing you to add a touch of professional flair to your photos before sharing with loved ones. Sharing pictures from your Lightroom Mobile app has never been easier, and in this article, We’ll show you just how to do.

How to Share Your Lightroom Photos with Others

Best Way To Share LightRoom Photos With Others

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Choosing the LightRoom Photos to Share

Share your Lightroom photos effortlessly with others directly from the app. absolutely share your photos via email, text message, or through a shareable link on social media and messaging apps. Simply navigate to the same menu as the “Export” function and choose your preferred sharing option. Conveniently send your expertly edited images to anyone you desire.

Export Photos

Selecting the Sharing Method

With various sharing methods, it’s essential to choose the right one. Often, the method you select depends on what you want to do with the photo and who you’re sharing with. For example, if you’re sharing with your family members, use ‘Messages’, ‘Airdrop’ on the iPhone or ‘Nearby Sharing’ on Android devices. If you want your photos to be more widely seen, use ‘Copy Link,’ ‘Email,’ or ‘Save to Camera Roll’.

share through message

Share Photos on Social Media Platforms

You can also share your Lightroom photos with ease by sharing directly to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms have icons located in the menu (as shown below), so start by tapping on them and then following the steps to share your image. However, be mindful that LightRoom Mobile compresses the image due to the platform’s specifications. So if you’re looking to maintain a high-resolution image, we advise you save it to your camera roll before uploading to social media.

share on social media accounts

Follow up on shared Photos

The success of sharing and organizing photos on Lightroom Mobile depends on how well you track their distribution. This feature makes following up on who has access to your pictures crucial. By copying the link of shared photos, you can track their access by using the ‘View in Browser‘ option to have an overview of who has seen the photos. Also, you will be able to abrogate access if the photos are accessed by people who shouldn’t have access.

invite & get Link

Upload Your Lightroom Photos to Creative Cloud

Easily share your Lightroom photos by directly uploading them to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. This cloud storage service seamlessly integrates with Lightroom Mobile, making it effortless to upload and share your edited images with others. Simply have a Creative Cloud subscription and an internet connection to get started. Once you’ve uploaded your photos, you can share them with anyone you choose. Experience convenient and hassle-free photo sharing like never before.

Create an Album and Invite Others to Collaborate

Easily collaborate on projects or share your Lightroom Mobile photos with a wider audience by creating an album and inviting others to join. With this feature, multiple people can add and edit images in a single album. To get started, go to the “Album” section of the app and create a new one. Then, invite others via email or by sharing a link to the album.

Share & invite

Export Lightroom Photos to Your Computer

Export Lightroom photos Mobile photos on a bigger stage by exporting them to your computer. Customize the file type, size, and even add watermarks or metadata. From there, the possibilities are endless – share them on social media, with friends, or use them in a grand project.


  • Easy to share
  • Collaboration
  • Quality preservation
  • Acess anywhere


  • Privacy concern
  • Limited editing
  • Dependency on adobe cloud
  • Storage limitation


How do I share my photos from Lightroom Mobile?

Easily share your photos by creating a shared album and sending the link to others. Additionally, you have the option to invite others to contribute their own photos to your album.

Will sharing my photos affect their quality?

Lightroom Mobile preserves the quality of your photos while sharing them.

Can I access my photos from any device?

Lightroom Mobile is a cloud-based application, allowing you seamless access to your photos across multiple devices connected to the internet.


Easily Share Your Lightroom Photos and Show Off Your Creativity. Sharing your amazing Lightroom photos with friends and family is simpler than ever. You have multiple options: share directly from the app, upload to Creative Cloud, collaborate with others through an album, or export them to your computer. Just remember to think about image size, quality, watermarks, and metadata before sharing. Follow these tips, and your creative work will be showcased in no time.

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