LightRoom VS Snapseed- What’s The Difference?

In the world of photography, editing plays an important role in creating a perfect and stylish look for your photo. professional photographers and newcomers, both get the perfect look from the software with just a single click. This two best editing software lightroom VS Snapseed are trending nowadays because of their features. in this article, we will discuss the comparison of the best editing software and help you to choose the best software for editing.

LightRoom VS Snapseed- What's The Difference

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Adobe Lightroom is a famous editing software launched by Adobe Inc. It is also available for PC, iOS, and Android devices, lightRoom is also known for the best editing, and non-destructive editing, and allow to user adjust their photo that can’t harm the original qualities. It is best for the photographer, who edits their photo in minimum time with just a single click.  It is very famous for the pc editing and mobile editing.

Features of lightroom- Lightroom vs snapseed


Snapseed is the most powerful editing tool, launched by the NIK and currently owned by Google. it is a mobile editing software. it is also available for iOS and Android devices and is popular for best editing. it has the best user interface and advanced editing feature and is free for the editor. Snapseed offers a large scale of photo editing, easier used for comments, it is the best editing  software and is used on large scale worldwide

Features In Snapseed- snapseed vs lightroom

Comparison Between Adobe LightRoom And Snapseed

DevicePC and mobile deviceMobile device
Best forProfessional photographySocial media
PriceLimited Features Free /9.99$ monthlyfree
User interfaceLittle tricky with advanced toolsUser-friendly with gesture-based controls
WorkflowNon-destructive supports RAW editingNon-destructive, mobile-focused editing
Ease of UseSteeper learning curveuser-friendly and easy-to-use
 Version 9.0.1

Lightroom Vs Snapseed : Interface


Adobe Lightroom has a friendly user interface because the interface plays an important role in attracting the audience but sometimes newcomers take time to use it perfectly. lightroom tools are shown on the bottom screen and users easily find and use it perfectly to create a generic look. Lightroom also offers many features such as image information, sharing, and ratings.

Interface Of LightRoom- lightroom vs snapseed


Snapseed has an easy and friendly interface and great choice for the editor who wants to edit a photo. Snap Seed is a mobile software that everyone easily use and easily find the home screen to edit the photo and capture photos, it has many tools such as styles, tune images, selective editing, filters, and effects, crop, Glanour glow, Lens blur. styles provide many templates for quick editing with just a single click

Interface Of Snapseed - snapseed vs lightroom

Snapseed VS LightRoom:Editing Features


Snapseed is a mobile editing software that provides many features for editing photos. Snap Seed provides various tools for editing such as cropping, color exposure, white balance, color correction, sharpening, Expand, Tonal Contrast, Curves, Black and White and tone adjustment. it also offers many unique features like expanding the surroundings of the photo which is used for AI prediction. Snapseed provides advanced editing features such as double exposure, healing and portrait tools, filters, and styles. Snapseed and Lightroom have both editing software but Snapseed is less difficult than Lightroom.

 Editing Features Of Snapseed


Lightroom provides a wide range of editing features and many other capabilities to the editor. editing feature has many functions and every function has its performance to create a generic and stylish look. Basic adjustment and color adjustment have many functions, exposure, color grading, contrast, shadow, and tone curves are used in basic adjustment. color adjustment has three main color to use in photo editing, HSL, split toning, and grayscale Preset and profile are the main feature of Adobe Lightroom because it is very famous easily used, and quickly used to achieve a specific and stylish look. Lightroom provides advanced features for photography editing.

Editing features of lightroom

LightRoom VS Snapseed:Raw Image Processing


Raw image processing is the basic tool of Lightroom because it also provides various outputs such as jpeg, png, tiff, and many others. It is a very powerful tool that allows the photographer and editor to fine-tune many other options to achieve the target and can’t harm the original result. lightroom’s ability to export and edit the raw files to make choices for the professional photographer.after processing the correct image to easily export any format and this image you can easily share, print, or use for any purpose. you easily import your raw image into Adobe Lightroom and you can easily edit, manage, and organize.


Snapseed raw image processing is limited as compared to Adobe Lightroom because Snapseed only outputs in jpeg image format in the final output. Snap Seed is a good editor tool and is only available on mobile devices, when correcting the overexposure and fine-tuning the image, SnapSeed tends to lose image details. Snap seed offers non-destructive editing and improves to achieve outcomes. when you import your raw image in the snap seed, you can easily transfer it from the library to the device. snap seed allow you to make basic adjustment in the raw image processing and easily you can edit your photo to get a generic look.

Snapseed VS LightRoom:Exporting


Snap seed allows the user to export their image in jpeg format because it is easy to share a photo on social media platforms and easily store your photo in the library. It enables you to easily share your photo with family and other platforms. Once the export or sharing process is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation message indicating that your edited photo has been saved or shared successfully.

Exporting in snapseed


Lightroom allows users to easily import the jpeg image format and allows many other formats such as png tiff. you can easily import one and multiple images in Adobe Lightroom, and after editing you can share photos online and in many other formats. Lightroom also offers additional features like online web galleries and you can easily apply the same adjustment to different and multiple photos making it the perfect choice for the professional photographer

Exporting in lightroom

LightRoom VS Snapseed:Pricing & Availability


Lightroom offers both free and premium options to the user and free options to provide basic features of lightroom editing. The basic features of Lightroom are available for free, allowing users to edit and enhance their photos without any subscription.Get to Lightroom and a range of other Adobe applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro through Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription. You can also tailor your plan to fit your unique requirements and taste, and subscribing to Creative Cloud provides you with all the necessary tools in the palm of your hands.


Snapseed is also free available on Android and iOS devices, it offers an advanced edit feature without any cost. the editor can easily install Snapseed on mobile devices and use it freely. Snap Seed was available for download on both the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. You could typically find it by searching for “Snapseed” in the respective app store.


In conclusion, both Lightroom and Snapseed have their strengths and are well-suited for different editing needs. Snapseed’s user-friendly interface and powerful editing features make it a great choice for quick and easy editing, especially for social media purposes. On the other hand, Lightroom’s advanced editing capabilities, RAW image processing, and comprehensive toolset make it an ideal choice for professional photographers.

Ultimately, the choice between Lightroom and Snapseed depends on your specific editing requirements, skill level, and budget. Whether you choose the simplicity of Snapseed or the versatility of Lightroom, both applications offer incredible editing capabilities to enhance your photos and bring out your creative vision.


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