How to Import Presets into LightRoom

Do you know about presets? Would you like to import presets on a photo from other user photo ? Presets in Lightroom allows you to make changes to a photo’s exposure, contrast, color balance, saturation, clarity and other features. Depending on their desired editing style, users can make their own presets or obtain pre-made presets from websites or other sources, such as preset markets. Adobe Presets have been pre set up with settings that you may use in Adobe Lightroom presets to quickly and easily apply to your images to create a specific look or style.

Import Presets in LightRoom

What are presets?

Presets in Lightroom are the stored settings that allow you to apply the unique style or look to the photos with just one click. They are often loaded with settings for different variables like exposure, contrast, white balance, etc. Presets are an easy way of giving you a headstart on editing and ensuring uniformity across all your different photo shoots or projects.

Whichever you may be a professional photographer wanting to shorten the workflow or a novice trying to give your photos a professional look, presets provide an easy way to achieve the desired results in Lightroom.

Ways to Import Presets in Lightroom Mobile

It is so easy to do this task. Here is step by guide to quickly import prests into the photos. All steps are clearly mention. You will not face any confusion on any step. You may generally make or apply a wedding-themed presets for lightroom by following the methods below if you’re seeking one to improve your images for a wedding theme:

Open & Import Your Photos in Lightroom

Open Adobe Lightroom on your mobile. The wedding pictures you wish to modify should be imported into your Lightroom gallery.

Open & Import Your Photos in Lightroom

Add Presets

Click the “Presets” panel on the left-hand side of the Develop module.

Add Preset

If you want to create a new preset, click the “Import Presets” button. If you want to use premium presets in lightroom for your photos. You have to buy its LightRoom premuim APk version. If you don’t want to pay for this you have to download LightRoom mod APK version.

import presets

Put a name on your preset, such as “Wedding Enhance” or another name you choose. Select the controls you want to keep in the preset from the sample shot, such as exposure, contrast, saturation, sharpness, etc

Save the Preset

Your wedding preset will be stored for later use when you press the “Create” or “Save” button. To use the import presets on the chosen photographs, simply click on it.


Adjust as Needed

Due to different lighting situations, you might need to make a few small changes for every shot after applying the preset

Export Your Edited Photos

You may export the modified wedding images to share or print after you’re happy with the adjustments.

Export Your Edited Photos

Presets should only be used as a starting point; you may need to adjust the parameters for each shot individually due to variations in the lighting and subject matter. If you would rather apply a import presets, there are several wedding-themed presets that you can obtain online. These import presets may be added into Lightroom and used on your pictures as well.

Watch the “Video Tutorial” below to understand the above mentioned steps easily.

Ways to Import Presets in Lightroom Desktop

Here are the simple steps how you can import presets in lightRoom PC. The instructions are clear and you can easily understand the every step.

Install Lightroom Desktop

Install adobe lightRoom APK on your Desktop

Download Presets

From a trustworthy source, download the preset files (usually in. xmp format) to your PC.

Access the Develop Module

To access the editing tools, select the “Develop” module.

Access the Presets Panel

The “Presets” panel is found on the left-hand side.

Import Presets

Right-click any preset folder in the “Presets” panel or choose “New Folder” from the context menu to create a new folder. To find and pick the. XMP preset files you downloaded, select “Import” and then browse your drive. Click “Import.”

Organize Presets (Optional)

By making new preset folders or moving presets within folders, you may further organize your import presets. To access these choices, right-click on a preset or folder.

Apply Presets

Click on the preset you wish to use in the “Presets” section after choosing the photo you want to alter. The chosen photo will have the preset applied to it.

You can simply import presets in Lightroom APK by following these instructions, giving your photographs a variety of styles and looks. Best LightRoom presets available free according to your need. You can edit photo with the help of presets with one click. You can save your time. You need


  • Presets speed up editing by applying a unified style to several photographs with a single click, saving you time.
  • Presets provide you with a place to start, but you can change them to fit the specifics of each shot.


  • Presets can be overused to the point that photographs lose their individuality or personal touch.
  • Presets can range in quality, and badly made presets might harm your images.


What are presets in photo editing?

In photo editing, presets are pre-configured collections of modifications and settings that may be quickly applied to photographs to create a particular look or style.

Can I create my own presets in Lightroom?

In Lightroom, you may make your own presets by modifying a photo’s settings to get the desired effect and then storing those changes as a preset for later use.

Can I edit presets once they are applied?

Yes, After using a preset, you may change it. Lightroom gives you flexibility in your editing by allowing you to make further adjustments to a photo’s parameters even after a preset has been applied.


In conclusion, presets may greatly speed up your editing process in Adobe Lightroom, a powerful tool for improving and altering your images. Import Preset is a simple process whether you’re using Lightroom APK. Presets allow you to quickly and consistently achieve particular appearances or styles with just one click, saving you time and streamlining your picture editing process.

Understanding how to import presets in Lightroom will substantially improve your editing skills, whether you’re editing photographs for personal use or work tasks. You should have a better knowledge of presets after reading these  FAQs, especially if you use Adobe Lightroom presets. Presets may be a useful tool to improve your images, save time, and keep your editing style constant.

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