10 Best Lightroom presets for portrait Free Download

Choosing the best Lightroom presets for portraits for free can significantly enhance your portrait photography by adding unique and professional looks to your images. Adobe Lightroom presets for presets are pre-defined sets of editing adjustments that can be applied to photos with just a single click. Download Free potrait LightRoom presets in tour device. They help streamline your editing workflow and make your portraits stand out with consistent, eye-catching styles. Here are some free presets offered by Adobe. These presets are zip files. These presets are compatible with Lightroom Classic, LightRoom Desktop ( which uses XMP file format), and Lightroom Mobile ( which uses DNG file format).

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This article will discuss some of the best Lightroom presets for potraits for free, Each catering to different styles and preferences. Whether you prefer soft and natural tones or bold and dramatic effects, there’s a preset for you to elevate your portrait photography to the next level.

Best Lightroom presets for portrait

Effortlessly applying various styles and moods to your images. Whether you prefer the natural elegance of “Portraiture Perfection,” the dramatic impact of “Dramatic Portraiture” or the timeless beauty of “Moody Monochrome” there’s a preset to suit every creative vision. These presets save time, ensure consistency, and can serve as portrait Lightroom presets are powerful tools that can significantly enhance your portrait photography by invaluable starting points for your portrait editing journey.

LightRoom Presets For Portraits

Ultimately, the best Premium presets for LightRoom portraits depend on your style and the specific mood or theme you want to convey to download LightRoom Portrait presets freely from here. Try out several settings to see which ones work best for your creative vision and enhance the unique qualities of your portraits. Remember that presets can serve as a starting point, and you can always fine-tune settings to achieve the perfect look for each image.

Classic Portrait Preset

The Classic Portrait preset comes with a set of unique features and effects that makes it an easy-to-use for the needs of portrait photography. Firstly, its greatness is evident in refining skin tones, softening imperfections without losing the natural detail for a beautiful, flawless look. Whilst it may sound like simple magic, this preset adds a tinge of warmth that sets portraits in a cozy mood. This tone makes the subject look friendlier and the environment more welcoming. Its technique in the contrast and clarity is expressed by the use of tiny soft touches maintaining the realistic look of the skin without blurring the definition of the face.

Also, there is a slight frame effect, which aims to accentuate the subject and the exposure and highlights are improved to increase the composition level as well. The sum of this attributes is a series of photos that display eternal beauty and realness thus the Classic Portrait preset is a tool an invaluable tool for portrait photographers.

Classic Preset in LightRoom

Ideal Use: Ideal for professional headshots, family portraits, and any situation where you want to maintain a natural and timeless look.

Cinematic Preset

 Cinematics presets are predefined settings in Adobe Lightroom designed to give your photos an impressive cinematic appearance. These LightRoom presets emphasize deep colors, moody tones, contrast, and cinematic atmosphere. You can achieve this style in just one click. The presets have become very popular among creatives and photographers who are looking to enhance their photographs with drama, storytelling, and a film-like atmosphere. 

Cinematic Preset in LightRoom

Cinematic LightRoom presets add a touch of drama and sophistication to your portraits. They often emphasize contrast, deep colors, and moody undertones, creating a cinematic, film-like atmosphere.

Ideal Use: Great for creative or artistic portraits, fashion photography, and outdoor environmental portraits.

Vintage Preset

Vintage presets which are predefined editing settings in Adobe Lightroom, transform photos into a retro and nostalgic look. The presets add various effects, such as faded colors and grain, to give your photos a retro look. Vintage presets give your portraits a nostalgic, retro feel. They resemble vintage pictures in style, and photography, often adding grain, faded colors, and unique color casts.

Vintage Preset in LightRoom

Ideal Use: Ideal for creating a vintage or retro vibe in a portrait photography, especially for themed or stylized shoots.

Black and White Preset

 Black and White preset , are ready-made sets of adjustments that convert colored photos to striking and appealing black-and-white images. LightRoom APK presets improve contrast, tone, and detail to produce monochrome photos with an elegant and timeless aesthetic. These presets simplify the conversion to black and white, allowing you to get professional results with your photography.

BlackAnd White Preset in LightRoom

Black and White presets convert your portraits into stunning monochrome masterpieces. They allow you to focus on composition, contrast, and the inherent beauty of your subject.

Ideal Use: Perfect for adding a touch of timelessness, emotion, and simplicity to portrait photography.

Matte Preset

Matte presets are a collection of predefined editing settings that can be applied to photos in Adobe Lightroom to create a soft and muted matte effect. These presets desaturate colors, reduce contrast, and often add a gentle haze, giving photos a dreamy and vintage look. They are commonly used to evoke a sense of nostalgia or to achieve a romantic and ethereal style in photography.

Matte Preset in LightRoom

Matte LightRoom presets to create a soft, muted effect, often desaturating colors and reducing contrast. They produce a gentle, dreamy quality in portraits.I

Ideal Use: Perfect for achieving a romantic, ethereal, or vintage look in portrait photography, particularly for weddings and engagements.

Natural Light Preset

“Natural Light Presets” are a set of predefined editing adjustments in Adobe Lightroom specifically designed to enhance and optimize photos taken in natural lighting conditions. These presets are tailored to bring out the best qualities of photos captured in daylight or without artificial lighting, aiming to improve exposure, color balance, and overall image quality. They are valuable tools for photographers seeking to achieve a natural and authentic look in their photos without the need for extensive manual editing.

Nature Light Preset in LightRoom

Natural Light presets are specifically crafted to enhance portraits captured in natural lighting conditions. They improve exposure, balanced tones, and maintain a genuine, unaltered appearance.

Ideal Use: Ideal for outdoor and candid portraits where you want to preserve the authentic beauty of natural


Portraiture Perfection Preset

Lightroom is a set of predefined editing adjustments designed for portrait photos. This preset enhance skin tones smooth blemishes, and create a polished, natural look, making portraits appear professionally retouched with just one click. They are ideal for achieving a clean and refined appearance in portrait photography.

Portraiture Perfection Presets

LightRoom potrait presets are designed to enhance skin tones, smooth blemishes, and create a polished and natural look. They provide a clean and professional finish to your portrait photos.

Ideal Use: Perfect for headshots, family portraits, and any situation where you want to emphasize the natural beauty of your subjects.

Soft & Dreamy Preset

These presets give your portraits a soft and dreamy quality, with a focus on gentle colors and subtle enhancements. They produce a loving and beautiful atmosphere.

Soft and Dreamy Preset in lightroom

Ideal Use: Suitable for wedding and engagement photos, as well as any portraits where you want to convey a sense of tenderness and intimacy.

Fashionista Preset

Lightroom is a predefined set of editing adjustments that are specifically designed to give portrait photos a high-end, stylish, and fashion-forward look. This preset enhances colors, sharpens details, and adds a glamorous and editorial quality to the images. It is often used in fashion and beauty photography to achieve a sophisticated and stylish appearance for the subjects.

FashionInsta Preset

Fashionista presets add a high-end and fashion-forward look to your portraits. They enhance colors, sharpen details, and give your subjects a glamorous and editorial appearance.

Ideal Use: Great for fashion and beauty photography, editorial work, and any portraits that demand a sophisticated and stylish touch.

Golden Hour Glow Preset

Refer to a set of predefined editing settings available in Adobe Lightroom. These presets are designed to mimic the warm, soft, and enchanting lighting conditions that occur during the golden hour, a short period just after sunrise, or before sunset when the sun’s low angle creates a beautiful and warm glow.

Golden Hour Glow Presets

Golden Hour Glow presets mimic the warm, soft, and magical lighting of the golden hour. They enhance warm tones, create a soft glow, and add a touch of enchantment to your portraits.

Ideal Use: Great for outdoor portraits taken during the golden hour or for achieving that warm and inviting look in your photos.


  • Quick edits are time-saving.
  • Ensures consistent looks across photos.
  • Encourages experimentation and creativity.
  • You will learn how to edit and improve your skills.


  • Learning and experimentation are required.
  • Overuse can limit creativity.
  • .little customization for each picture.

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Selecting the best Lightroom presets for your portrait photography can be a transformative step in your creative journey. These presets provide you with a range of artistic choices, allowing you to shape the mood, style, and impact of your portraits with ease. Whether you seek the timeless elegance of classic portraits, the drama of cinematic effects, the nostalgia of vintage vibes, or any other distinctive look, there’s a preset that can help you achieve your vision.

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