How to Apply LightRoom Preset to Multiple Photos

LightRoom Presets are collections of edits already saved that you can quickly apply to photographs to create an appearance. Adobe Lightroom is a top app for editing photos. By using presets you can easily improve multiple photographs that have the same style.

Preset on Multiple Photos in LightRoom Mobile

Ways To Apply LightRoom Preset On Multiple Photos

Download LightRoom Presets if you want to use premium presets. Applying a LightRoom Preset to several images on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone can help you create a styled appearance in your photos. These are the following steps it will help you to apply presets on multiple photos . It will consume your time while editing.

Install Lightroom mobile

Launch Adobe Lightroom Mobile on your iOS or Android mobile device. You must have the images that you want to batch edit in Lightroom Library. If you can’t LightRoom APK in your device, Then Download LightRoom Mod APK

Select your photos

Once your photos are imported, navigate to the Library module and select the photos you want to apply the preset to. You can select multiple photos by holding down the Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) key and clicking on each photo, or by clicking and dragging to select a group of photos.

Import Multiple Photos in LightRoom

Applying the Preset

You can search your presets library to find the preset that you want. Lightroom Preset will apply to the pictures you select when you tap on them.

Applying presets on lightroom

Fine-Tune (Optional)

If the LightRoom preset does not quite match the lighting conditions or the picture, you can edit it manually. You can adjust each photo using editing tools such as contrast, exposure, and color.

Editing after applyingpresets

Sync Settings (Optional)

If you want to make the same changes on all the photos that are selected, use the “Sync Settings.” Tap the three-dot icon, usually located near the top of your screen, to select “Sync Settings.” Click “Sync” after selecting the settings that you want to synchronize.

sync Setting

Save or share

After you are satisfied with the photos, you can save or share them. Click the “Share” icon, which is usually a square with arrows. You can also touch “Save To Device” to download your photos directly onto your mobile device.

Save Image

I’m done! Adobe Lightroom Mobile has successfully applied Lightroom preset to multiple pictures. This technique will make your mobile picture editing workflow more professional and comfortable.

Watch the “Video Tutorial” below to understand the above mentioned steps easily.

Ways To Apply Preset On Multiple Photos In LightRoom Classic

Adobe LightRoom for desktop PCs is a powerful application that allows you to batch edit in LightRoom and manage your photos. Lightroom preset allow you to apply edits with just one click. Presets can save you time and give your photos a uniform look. You can quickly and easily create the desired look across a collection of photos on your desktop by using presets within Lightroom. Below is a step-by-step guide:

Install Adobe Lightroom

Download & Install Adobe Lightroom on your desktop computer.

Import your photos

Import the pictures into Lightroom. You can import photos and videos from your computer by selecting “File > Import Photos and Video.”

Selecting The Photos

In the Library module, locate the folder or collection containing the photos you want to batch edit in LigtRoom. Click the image to view the first photo in the collection.

To select all previous images, hold down the Shift button while clicking on the last image of the sequence.

Click each photo individually while holding down the Ctrl/Command keys.

Applying the Preset

To switch your selected photos into the Develop module, click “Develop” in the upper-right corner of Lightroom.

The “Presets Panel” is on the left side of the Develop Module. If the “Presets panel” is not visible, click the triangle next to the word.

Choose Your Preset

In the Presets area, you’ll see a list of all presets that you have either created or import presets in LightRoom. You can use the preset you want to.

When you click the preset, Lightroom applies it to the photos that you choose.

Fine-Tune (Optional)

If necessary, make individual adjustments to the photo in order to match the preset. This is especially important if the lighting conditions or any other factors have changed.

Sync Settings (Optional)

Use the “Synchronize function” to ensure that the settings of all selected photos are the same. The “Synchronize” option can be found in the lower-right corner of the Develop Module.

Select the settings you want to sync by clicking “Synchronize.” (Normally, all your adjustments are synced). The preset is applied to all selected images.

Watch the “Video Tutorial” below to understand the above mentioned steps easily.

Export or Save

Once you’re satisfied, export your photos by selecting “File > Export“. Save your edited photos as separate files.

That’s it! Adobe Lightroom added the Lightroom Preset successfully to your computer. This workflow can help speed up editing, especially if you have multiple images you want to batch edit in LightRoom as the same style. After using these presets on your photos you can share edit LightRoom photos with others and social where you want.


What are Lightroom presets?

A: Lightroom presets let you batch edit in Lightroom on your photos with Adobe Lightroom in just one click.

Can Lightroom Mobile allows you to create and import your own presets?

You can import presets created by other users or create your own. Create your presets by editing an image to achieve the desired effect and saving these settings for later usage.

Can I apply Lightroom presets on multiple photos at once using my mobile device?

Lightroom Mobile allows you to apply presets to multiple images. However, each image must still be treated separately. The mobile app doesn’t have batch processing.


Adobe Lightroom Mobile allows you to quickly and easily apply presets on several photos taken with your Android or iOS phone. Presets allow you to apply a uniform style and look at your photos with just a few clicks. Imagine you are a professional or a novice photographer. You can use the instructions above to create a uniform visual style in your mobile pictures. Adobe Lightroom Mobile can be a great tool for mobile content creators and photographers. It allows you to edit your photos on the move.

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